Scottish Oil Paintings

“Pears In Pink” by Alex Girdwood

Another very stylish little still-life by the Dumfries artist Alex Girdwood. Entitled “Pears In Pink”, this work is unsigned but bears a label with title and signature, verso, for the Maxwelltown Gallery. In good condition in its original frame.

Measures 29 cm wide by 19.5 cm deep (47.5 cm by 33.5 in its frame).


Scottish Oil Paintings SOLD

Abstract Still Life by Alex Girdwood ( Contemporary)

Entitled “Kitchen Still Life”,  this is a very nice little picture by the Dumfriesshire artist Alex Girdwood.  In good condition in its original frame. Unsigned but bearing a label, verso, giving a title and signature  for Girdwood’s own gallery,  the Maxwelltown Gallery, in Dumfries.

Measures 24 cm wide by 17 cm deep (42 cm by 35 cm in its frame).



SOLD - no longer available