artwork detail

Rosslyn Cathedral – Monogramme W.R. or R.W.

A lovely watercolour showing the historic and controversial Chapel of Rosslyn by an artist who signed himself with the monogramme W.R. or R.W. In good condition and in its original frame and mount. Founded in 1446, as the Collegiate Church of St Matthew, and built by Earl William St. Clair of Rosslyn, Rosslyn Chapel, in the village Roslyn, six miles south of Edinburgh, is one of the world’s most mysterious and controversial buildings. Known internationally for its unique, ornate and mysterious carvings, the chapel took some 40 years to build and now intrigues and attracts artists, researchers and conspiracy theorists from all over the world.

Measures 49.5 m wide by 35 cm deep (77 cm by 65 cm in its frame).


SOLD - no longer available