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Serpent and Mirror by William Littlejohn


A delightful artist’s proof etching by the Edinburgh artist and teacher William Littlejohn, entitled “Serpent and Mirror”. Signed lower right and in good condition in its original frame and mount.

Measures 87 cm wide by 19 cm deep (107 cm by 41.5 cm in its frame and mount).


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“The Card Players” Engraving after Sir David Wilkie (1785-1841)


A fine engraving in colours by the Scottish artist Sir David Wilkie showing a mother and chlld watching over a game of cards.  Engraved by Charles G Lewis in 1838. In good condition in its original frame which has undergone minor repairs to the moulding.

Measures 46 cm wide by 41 cm deep (63 cm by 55 cm, unmounted in frame).


SOLD - no longer available
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Cornfields by Sir William MacTaggart


A super signed print by the Edinburgh artist Sir William Mactaggart (1903-1981), entitled “Cornfields”.  Published in 1975 by Valentine Prints, Bristol, it is signed in pencil, lower right, by the artist and is in good condition in its original frame.

Measures 56 cm wide by 50 cm deep (88 cm by 79 cm in its frame).


SOLD - no longer available
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Interior Of A Cottage In The Hebrides by Alexander Fraser

Dating from around 1835 this is a lovely print depicting life inside an old Hebridean cottage with a child seated in front of a rough, open fire in the middle of the floor and a baby in her wicker cot. This is a black and white engraving by C. Cousen from the original painting by Alexander Fraser  (1786-1865), now in the National Gallery. In good condition. Mounted but unframed.

Image measures 24 cm wide by 19 cm deep.


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Zaanstreek by James McBey

A print of an etching by the Scottish artist James McBey entitled “Zaanstreek” and showing a Dutch canal scene with a barge and windmill in the distance. It bears a signature  and title in pencil and a small stamp, verso, indicates that it is Plate 12 from a proof in the possession of Martin Hardie  R.E., published by Colnaghi and Co. In good condition.

* My thanks go to Jane at the Allinson Gallery who tells me that this is a reproduction published in The Studio publication, Modern Masters of Etching: James McBey.
It is the 12th plate in the book and that the signature and title are not in McBey’s handwriting.

Measures 23 cm wide by 19 cm deep (41.5 cm by 33 cm in its original mount and frame).